Ways To Ride Safely In These Streets

bike+safetyAs I conclude I would like to add a few more safety tips on how to ride safer in the streets. I love biking too much to be hurt by it, so I even try to ride to best of my ability to ensure my safety. Because these cars out here will honk at you, try to hit you, race, and get annoyed at bikers. So its best to know the rules of the rode and safety guidelines when dealing with traffic, cars, pedestrians and the streets.

-Ride in the street

-Ride with traffic, not against it

-Stop at all red lights and stop signs

-Use marked bike lanes when available

-Use a white headline and red tail light along with a bell and reflectors

-Ride in a straight line

-Look, signal, and look again

-Watch out for car doors

-Stay visible

-Use your bell

-Wear a helmet if needed

Happy Riding!


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